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I have at least five or six pending topics to write about on this journal, and the precedence has been confused by my constantly changing focus and priorities. After keenly reading my man Roger Hanney’s epic race report of the 250km Sakora Michi Nature Run on the train this morning (I had just come from a 1km swim in the outdoor pool, so was feeling fit and energised, despite barely running at all this week due to some random knee issue), I decided that the next post should definitely be one of my long-deferred accounts of running through somewhere beautiful…

…the stunning and somewhat Homerian ruggedness of the coastal mountains of Sardinia, perhaps? The majestic and slightly wild cliffs of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Walk, in South Wales? Macritchie Reservoir and the streets of Singapore? The foresty, lakey magic of Tarawera, NZ?

But then I hesitated.

There’s also that burning need I have to complete gear reviews on my two newest best friends: the Ferei HL-20 headlamp and the high-end WAA Ultra Bag (which, coincidentally, I would never have got my stickies onto if it weren’t for the aforementioned Roger Hanney).

Chocolate Adzuki Bars

Scott Jurek’s Chocolate Adzuki Bars

Not to mention detailed reviews of some of the more interesting shoe models I wear (beyond the high level comparative summary that’s already up, here). Particularly the more recent Altra additions – The Samsons, the Superiors and the Lone Peaks.

And what about nutrition? Write about your nutrition, says my wife, as she battles her way through another batch of some variation on Amaze-balls…or coconut oil-something-or-other…without the aid of a Thermomix (we are yet to sell one of our children to buy one). Indeed, there are some recipes and thoughts to share on that topic, with particular interest to anyone in one of the camps either side of the great vegetarian/vegan versus paleo divide, or the sugars versus fats divide (if there still is one…I visualise people reading this while snacking on a knob of butter topped with half an avocado, nodding sagely). My love of tempeh, perhaps? My extensive use of miso paste? How sauerkraut can be part of any meal…

Me at Tarawera

Collecting footage at Tarawera 100km, NZ

I was also going to update the piece How to train your dragon, with an actuals versus target schedule update, and some highlights of the journey so far. This is now less appealing, given the last few days of not being able to run at all and not knowing when/if this knee problem will resolve itself (in time even for the You Yangs 80km next week, let alone GNW100 Mile!). The late night training run last Friday night – with ~50km/2000+ metre climb – may have warranted a short piece in its own right, but maybe that was the genesis of my knee trouble, though I didn’t notice anything at the time.

Indeed, when writing about my training schedule I had also promised a follow-up piece on the practicalities and logistics of fitting the various runs into a busy life of full-time work and three children etc, and that one probably does deserve to be next cab off the rank…although I have been putting a little bit of time into compiling a short music video of the GoPro footage from the Tarawera 100km in March – to add to my Race Video tab – and I really should close that off so I can stop thinking about it…

Shoulda’. Coulda’. Woulda’.

Actual piece to follow shortly!

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