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The Yearly Wrap 2017

As humans, it’s important for us to bracket time into manageable segments. In order to create a sense of the continuing opportunity for renewal – to foster an optimistic outlook – milestone markers represent symbolic points in time against which

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Minimalist Shoes, Punk!

In some ways this post is overdue, but really the conclusions I’ll articulate here have only started to solidify with any confidence in the last year, exponentially becoming clearer very recently. Six months ago I would not have dared come

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Derek Josephs – a life well lived

04/11/17 – It has been six months today since we lost DJ. I wanted to mark the occasion by honoring the man and phenomenon the only way I know how – with an unsophisticated music video (headphones mandatory). Below, I

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Joe to Kosciuszko, whaddaya know?

Because my crew had asked me earlier what the milestone was for my longest run ever, I took a moment coming out of Jindabyne to acknowledge that transition. From this point – 184kms – I was now in uncharted territory. Really,

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Let me in! – the race director quandry

Races have entry requirements for a reason, especially the longer or gnarlier ones. The criteria are not always black and white. At the most extreme end, the RDs can find themselves in the difficult position of being the gatekeeper of

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Execution: the GNW 100 Mile redemption

Hmmm…could it be that when things actually go to plan there’s not all that much to say about them, even when they represent an enormously significant personal achievement? Perhaps. My last note about the GNW100 miler was two years ago,

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Ultra Trail Australia – getting it done

Skip the boring stuff below, here’s the video: I’m only 35kms in and I’m thinking quite seriously about quitting. In terms of training I’m as under-baked as a Donald Trump policy and even less convincing. On the flip side, I’m

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