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Minimalist Shoes, Punk!

In some ways this post is overdue, but really the conclusions I’ll articulate here have only started to solidify with any confidence in the last year, exponentially becoming clearer very recently. Six months ago I would not have dared come

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A motivational talk: normal humans, try-hards & fear

The following is a transcript and related slides & material from a motivational talk I gave to participants of a 12 Week Challenge across the four gyms of Pinnacle Fitness, a few days before this year’s 24 Hour Championships… Firstly

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Runner Profile: Caroline Pivetta

Caroline Pivetta isn’t one of those names you see repeatedly cropping up in race previews from the go-to resources like Ultra168 (where ultra-obsessed folk like me go in the morning before checking the actual news on TheGuardian). This is mainly because

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Double wow! – the Cradle Mountain Run

This won’t be a race report of the Cradle Mountain Run (last Saturday’s little day out). I have just finished editing the GoPro footage, some of which does it justice, so I’ll mostly defer to that…bar a short summary: Wow!

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A year to forget?

I shouldn’t rubbish 2014 – there were plenty of awesome moments – but I will. Many, many things were really much harder than they should have been. My experience at work was the worst it’s ever been. I nearly left.

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Fear is the mind killer

This isn’t the first time that misspent hours of my youth – often hysterically shared with my older brother and characterised by constant snacking on McCoy’s crisps (or worse, prawn-cocktail flavoured Skips), drinking instant coffee and maintaining a largely horizontal

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On everything

Chocolate Adzuki Bars

I have at least five or six pending topics to write about on this journal, and the precedence has been confused by my constantly changing focus and priorities. After keenly reading my man Roger Hanney’s epic race report of the 250km

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