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Execution: the GNW 100 Mile redemption

Hmmm…could it be that when things actually go to plan there’s not all that much to say about them, even when they represent an enormously significant personal achievement? Perhaps. My last note about the GNW100 miler was two years ago,

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Double wow! – the Cradle Mountain Run

This won’t be a race report of the Cradle Mountain Run (last Saturday’s little day out). I have just finished editing the GoPro footage, some of which does it justice, so I’ll mostly defer to that…bar a short summary: Wow!

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Still out there somewhere: GNW 100 Mile

It’s the middle of the night and I’m surrounded by dense jungle. I’m picking my way down the umpteenth steep, awkward descent into the umpteenth gully: each step a struggle to find a safe footing amid slippery rocks and roots;

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You spin me right round, baby: Australian 24 Hour Championships

A good ultramarathon race report is anchored by dramatic changes in the terrain or scenery; epic hill climbs; joyous arrivals at remote checkpoints…you know the drill. So what about a 24-Hour track race? Where’s the drama? Where, indeed, is the

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