The Suspension of Disbelief

In theatre, the cast, director and crew can only succeed in their mission to take the audience on the desired journey if they can suspend their disbelief for the duration of the play. The terminology is deliberate, because it specifically

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Tor Des Géants 2015 – part 1 of 3 by Roger Hanney

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Tor Des Géants is a single-stage mountain run easily reduced to numbers – 330km, 24,000m D+, 200 miles, 80,000 feet, 850 starters, 6 life bases, time – but that is not the story…

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A motivational talk: normal humans, try-hards & fear

The following is a transcript and related slides & material from a motivational talk I gave to participants of a 12 Week Challenge across the four gyms of Pinnacle Fitness, a few days before this year’s 24 Hour Championships… Firstly

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Runner profile: Katherine Macmillan

The consummate ‘quiet achiever’, Katherine Macmillan is one of those reassuring faces you see at the start line of an ultra, calmly stretching her quads, confirming your belief that there is order in the universe. Asking Kathy what her target

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Runner profile: Donna Urquhart

Who STARTS running ultramarathons just after giving birth to their first child?…because it’s easier to train for than their previous sport? Who dabbles with ultra running and immediately scores a series of wins and places? Who breaks their arm 6

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Runner Profile: Caroline Pivetta

Caroline Pivetta isn’t one of those names you see repeatedly cropping up in race previews from the go-to resources like Ultra168 (where ultra-obsessed folk like me go in the morning before checking the actual news on TheGuardian). This is mainly because

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Endurance Training for the Mountains

Great insights into disciplined, quantitative training

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