Double wow! – the Cradle Mountain Run

This won’t be a race report of the Cradle Mountain Run (last Saturday’s little day out). I have just finished editing the GoPro footage, some of which does it justice, so I’ll mostly defer to that…bar a short summary: Wow!

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Gear review: WAA Ultra Bag

In a rare display of restraint, I managed to contain my premature urges to review this pack based only on prep runs, and instead waited until after my goal race. This was necessary, as a pack of this nature is not required

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Mental models for buttastic running remediation

Kath & Kim pic

Lazy glutes. I always thought it was a passing fad; a convenient catch-all diagnosis for physiotherapists to fall back on when patients present with any running related issue, from achilles, moving up via the peroneal tendon, through the knee, into

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A year to forget?

I shouldn’t rubbish 2014 – there were plenty of awesome moments – but I will. Many, many things were really much harder than they should have been. My experience at work was the worst it’s ever been. I nearly left.

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Still out there somewhere: GNW 100 Mile

It’s the middle of the night and I’m surrounded by dense jungle. I’m picking my way down the umpteenth steep, awkward descent into the umpteenth gully: each step a struggle to find a safe footing amid slippery rocks and roots;

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Fear is the mind killer

This isn’t the first time that misspent hours of my youth – often hysterically shared with my older brother and characterised by constant snacking on McCoy’s crisps (or worse, prawn-cocktail flavoured Skips), drinking instant coffee and maintaining a largely horizontal

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Like specks of dust

It’s that end game period now, as the big day looms. With experience, I have for the most part left behind the escalating nerves and self-doubt that plagued me in the lead up to some of my earlier ultra-marathon efforts. Even

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