Race Videos

They don’t call me ‘GoPro Joe’ for nothing…

Cradle Mountain Run, 2015

The granddaddy of all trails – the Overland Track in Tasmania’s Western Wilderness.

The Prom 100, 2014

Some of Victoria’s most beautiful coastal scenery on a pristine reserve of wilderness abundant with native wildlife.

Vibram Tarawera Ultramarathon, 2014 (Ultra Trail World Tour Race #3)

Spectacular trails in the Rotorua area of New Zealand’s North Island. Reduced length ‘Cyclone Course’ – 72kms.

Bogong2Hotham 64km Rooftop Run, 2014

My abortive attempt to tackle this iconic Alpine race. Even just the 35kms I completed had over 2,300 metres of vertical gain!

The Walhalla Wound-Up 50km, 2013

An awesome grass roots race in the surrounding hills of a historic mining town in Victoria’s high country. Another beautiful morning!

Great Ocean Walk 100km Trail Run, 2013

Another great icon of Australian natural beauty. The Great Ocean Walk is normally a 5-day hike along gorgeous and dramatic coastal trails/beaches.

Race To The Stones 100km, 2013

A history lesson along England’s oldest path, with sites dating back through 5,000 years of human usage.

Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne 100km, 2013

My first 100km run, as part of an excellent team of four: ‘Runs With Wolves’. We came 11th out of 756 teams. One of my fondest memories.

Maroondah Dam 50km – National Trailrunning Championships, 2013

A hot, tough day out, running through the striking forest trails of Maroondah Dam, in the Yarra Ranges.

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