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A motivational talk: normal humans, try-hards & fear

The following is a transcript and related slides & material from a motivational talk I gave to participants of a 12 Week Challenge across the four gyms of Pinnacle Fitness, a few days before this year’s 24 Hour Championships… Firstly

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What it’s all about

You forget, don’t you. Especially when there’s a lot going on. When you’ve been struggling with issues. Setting yourself audacious goals and then despairing of ever meeting them. You get caught up with trying too hard; worrying about the future;

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What are YOU doing with your time?!

“This is what 5am at the trailhead looks like. Excuses about not having enough time to reach the goals we have for ourselves is BS! Make time! We all have 24hrs in a day, what are you doing with yours?” This Facebook

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