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Minimalist Shoes, Punk!

In some ways this post is overdue, but really the conclusions I’ll articulate here have only started to solidify with any confidence in the last year, exponentially becoming clearer very recently. Six months ago I would not have dared come

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Gear review: WAA Ultra Bag

In a rare display of restraint, I managed to contain my premature urges to review this pack based only on prep runs, and instead waited until after my goal race. This was necessary, as a pack of this nature is not required

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The ‘Berry Long Run’

Although this year there were only three runners, no aid stations, no support crews, no medals, it is my intent that next year I will have in place enough infrastructure to support a field of 30-50 runners, preferably with AURA

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How to train your dragon

One hundred miles can be quite a long way to run, especially when it includes over six thousand metres of ascent and descent (comparable to a return trip from Base Camp to Everest’s summit); a lot of rough or technical terrain;

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You spin me right round, baby: Australian 24 Hour Championships

A good ultramarathon race report is anchored by dramatic changes in the terrain or scenery; epic hill climbs; joyous arrivals at remote checkpoints…you know the drill. So what about a 24-Hour track race? Where’s the drama? Where, indeed, is the

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